Thursday, November 29, 2018


  • stefan bellnäs: podunk
        (2018, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce40)
Stefan Bellnäs is the bass player for Bengt Berger's Beches Brew ensemble. "Podunk" is the first album that he recorded in his own name.
Not only does Stefan play the bass, he's also an accomplished slide guitar and keyboard player. "Podunk" showcases all these different parts. In that aspect, "Podunk" gives perfect samples of what Stefan Bellnäs is all about.
On the other hand, however, I do miss a bit of consistency. There's a couple of superb jazz tunes on this album ("Big Chief', 'Searching For The Lost Spice Rack', 'Spokes',...). There's also some beautiful blues songs and amazing slide guitar to be found on this album. Hopping between those tracks and genres isn't easy, but if you can program your CD player, you're in for a treat.

Out on the Country & Eastern record label :

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