Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Magma's final piece, the "Zess" album :


The Ett Fett Storband performs the music of Frank Zappa.
Recorded in concert, May 2013.

2013 download-only album by the Ett Fett Storband.
iTunes, Amazon,...
Didn't find the wav version, so I went for the mp4 iTunes one.

There's also this track on YouTube :

Monday, July 22, 2019


For the last eleven years, the Bach organ support group has been scheduling concerts at the St.Katharinenkirche in Hamburg as 'opener concerts' for the Zappanale Festival.
The Hamburg concert always takes place on Wednesday and the Zappanale festival starts on Friday (not counting the warm-up party in Bad Doberan on Thursday).

Initially, the concerts were set up as a fundraiser to repair the organ (that J.S. Bach once used to play).
Now that the organ has been restored, it's sort of a support for the Bach organ group.
Hence the title: "Zappa Spielt Für Bach".

This year's show consisted of three parts : a Frank Zappa set (by all the musicians), a Thelonious Monk set (by the jazz trio and with Napoleon doing vocals on one piece), and after the break, Fried Dähn's compositions (Fried Dähn and Laurenz 'light show' Theinert).
The show ended with another couple of Zappa pieces as encores (by everyone but Napoleon)

Here's a picture that was taken during the encores. If you look closely, you can see the band in the below center. The rest of the picture shows the walls (and ceiling) of the church.

Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals, sax,flute
Chris Garcia: marimba, percussion
Matthaeus Winnitzi: piano
John Hughes: bass
Björn Lücker: drums
Fried Dähn: electric celle, arrangements, musical direction
Laurenz Theinert: visuals

Frank Zappa
  • Yellow Shark "Walk On Music"
  • Uncle Meat
  • Sleep Dirt
  • Twenty Small Cigars
  • Oh No
  • Son Of Orange County
Thelonious Monk
  • ...
  • Round Midnight
-- break --

Friedemann Dähn
  • Supercluster for 4 Players, Conductor and Grand Piano, feat. Chris Garcia, percussion in dialog
  • Die 'Sonografen' (with Laurenz Theinert)
  • Tango Poison
  • Add
  • Double Check
  • Bach on Mars (prelude nr.1 für cello bwv 1007)
  • Sch
  • Furado
Frank Zappa
  • Blessed Relief
  • King Kong
  • Son Of Mr. Green Genes
It was a very fine concert. It's never easy to make concerts sound good in a church, but this time, the sound guy did an excellent job.
The jazz trio made it swing; Napoleon was in fine shape; Fried Dähn gave me goosebumps with his oriental sounds and feedback on his electric cello (L.Shankar came to mind); and Chris Garcia showed why the marimba is such a beautiful sounding instrument.
Loved it.
The Zappa tunes were great.
The Monk pieces sounded fine, especially when Napi added the vocals.
And Fried's pieces (+ light show) were quite interesting.

That's what I call kicking off Zappanale..

The show got recorded by German national radio so we might get another CD release.

Here's some snippets from the latest ten years;


Satanique Samba Trio Tour dates

Friday 13 September: Brussels - Recyclart (release concert MAIS BAD)
Saturday 14 September: Oostende - Leffingeleuren festival
Sunday 15 September driving to Denmark (day off)
Monday 16 September: Humble - Musikefterskolen
Tuesday 17 September: Copenhagen - Alice
Wednesday 18 September: Malmö - Victoriateatern
Thursday 19 September: Odense - Teater Momentum
Friday 20 September: Aarhus - Radar
Saturday 21 September: Aalborg - Huset
Sunday 22 September: Bad Doberan - Arf Society presents @ Kamp-Theater
Monday 23 September: Hamburg - Entenwerder1
Tuesday 24 September: Leipzig - Leipzig-Ost
Wednesday 25 September: Erfurt - Frau Korte
Thursday 26 September: Hannover - Feinkost Lampe
Friday 27 September: Moers - mœrs festival presents @ Die Röhre
Saturday 28 September: Leiden - De X / QBus


Poil concert dates :

27.07 Herzberg festival (BREITENBACH AM HERZBERG - DE)
02.08 Les Nuits du 4 Août (ORGELET - FR)
15/16.11 La Gare (PARIS - FR)
17.11 L'Antonnoir (BESANCON - FR)

February 2020 : Japan and Asia


Frank Nuyts' Sonates have been made available through different digital music channels.

Here are the CD Baby links :




Check it out !!


The 30th edition of the Zappanale festival was incredible.

Amazing performances by The Ed Palermo Big Band and by the Ensemble MusikFabrik.
Wow times two.

It all started with one of the best performances that I ever saw at St.Katharinen (and I saw them all...), and it continued like this :

2019 07 18 : warm-up party

in Bad Doberan centre

  • MagNiFZnt
  • NTS trio
  • Bad Penny

2019 07 19 - Zappanale Festival Day #1

at the exhibition

  • Don and Bunk
  • Charles Ulrich : The Big Note book presentation

at the festival ground

  • Jazzprojekt Hundhagen
  • Zement (mystery stage)
  • Treacherous Cretins
  • Ali N. Askin (mystery stage)
  • Precussion under Construction
  • Long Distance Calling (mystery stage)

2019 07 20 - Zappanale Festival Day #2

at the exhibition

  • Mick Zeuner / Klaus Kühner / Andrew Greenaway : Mappa Zappa book presentation
  • Zement

at the festival ground

  • Jim Cohen lecture
  • 30 for 30
  • AMM All-Stars
  • The Headshakers
    - interrupted due to bad weather conditions
  • The Loomings
  • The Ed Palermo Big Band feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock
  • Det Skandalose Orkester

2019 07 21 - Zappanale Festival Day #3

at the exhibition

  • Fried Dähn and Ali N. Askin
  • Frank Wonneberg lecture

at the festival ground

  • The Headshakers (mystery stage)= continued their set from Saturday
  • Ensemble Musikfabrik
  • Percussion under Construction (mystery stage)
  • Grandmothers Of Invention
  • Good Bye Session
  • SIOR Band (mystery stage)



It’s been almost exactly a year since The Residents’ neo noir pulp masterpiece, The Brickeaters, was released by Feral House. We were celebrating the book’s success when it suddenly hit me – WE HAVEN’T OFFERED IT FOR SALE ON RESIDENTS.COM!?!?! Okay, the last year has been pretty crazy, but there’s really no excuse for not making it available to true fans on THE RESIDENT’S PERSONAL WEBSITE!!! My bad…

So, to make amends we have a ONE TIME ONLY SUPER SPECIAL MONDO COOL OFFER! You can buy The Brickeaters right here for 18 buckeroos – okay, that’s retail price, no big deal. But The Residents said we’ve got to add some music, which was a bit of a head scratcher until one of them said – HEY! What about the River of Crime soundtrack as a bonus? It’s perfect!

And of course The Eyeballs are always right. Now, the River of Crime Soundtrack was released in 2006 as part of the two CD ROC set which featured all five podcast episodes, but this is the soundtrack as it was originally composed and never released until NOW! – all 68 minutes of it.

(Some of you hardcore followers have heard several of these tracks on the Free! Weird! page on the website, but this is the first time they are all collected together and put on a CD.)

Monday, July 15, 2019


New album by the Souljazz Orchestra : "Chaos Theories".

And a tour through Europe and Canada.

Sep 20 - Ottawa, ON - Babylon
Sep 27 - Montpellier, FR - Rockstore
Sep 28 - Rambouillet, FR - Usine à Chapeaux
Sep 29 - Chelles, FR - Les Cuizines
Sep 30 - Paris, FR - New Morning
Oct 01 - Gent, BE - Vooruit Balzaal
Oct 02 - Madrid, ES - Café Berlín
Oct 04 - Granada ES - Planta Baja
Oct 05 - Zaragoza ES - Las Armas
Oct 06 - Barcelona ES - La Nau
Oct 09 - Dusseldorf DE - Zakk
Oct 10 - Mainz DE - KUZ
Oct 11 - Athens GR - Gagarin 205
Oct 12 - Thessaloniki GR - WE Complex
Oct 13 - Berlin DE - Gretchen
Oct 14 - Dresden DE - Tonne
Oct 16 - London UK - Jazz Cafe
Oct 17 - Dublin IE - Sugar Club
Oct 18 - Épinay-sur-Seine - PMO
Oct 19 - Nancy FR - Nancy Jazz Pulsations
Nov 16 - Gatineau QC - Le Petit Chicago
Nov 21 - Sherbrooke QC - La Petite Boîte Noire
Nov 22 - Montréal QC - Groove Nation
Nov 23 - Québec QC - L'Anti
Nov 28 - Waterloo ON - Starlight
Nov 29 - Hamilton ON - This Ain't Hollywood
Nov 30 - Toronto ON - Velvet Underground


Compiled from a number of Sun Ra albums that got released in the late fifties / early sixties, plus a couple of inevitable unissued tracks, "Exotica" presents two discs of laid back jazz tunes.
Out on the Modern Harmonic label.

Comes with expanded liner notes, also discussing the music of Martin Denny and Les Baxter.

Also available as a 3LP set.