Saturday, October 20, 2018


Guy Segers was the bass player for Univers Zero. Guy also used to run the Carbon 7 record label.

The last couple of months, Guy has been putting all the Carbon 7 releases on Bandcamp, and he's also clearing out his shelves.
The perfect opportunity to get hold of some super-rare CD's like Aka Moon's "Elohim" album, from 1997.


Belgian band Dans Dans has released 3 albums (and one live on cassette) to date.
As their first album has been out of print for quite while, the band decided to re-release it and to do a short tour to promote it.

This means that Dans Dans is playing their entire first album plus some new material.

I saw them at Paradox in Tilburg last Wednesday. Amazing.
And I was happy to pick up the fine reissue (white vinyl !) of their first album as well.
Did I mention that they perform two Sun Ra compositions on this album ?

24.10 Ancienne Belgique - AB, Brussel, BE - SOLD OUT
25.10 Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond / Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
06.11 JazzLab, Hamburg, DE
07.11 Handelsbeurs Concertzaal Concertzaal, Gent, BE
08.11 De Studio, Antwerpen, BE
10.11 Rockit Festival, Groningen, NL
14.11 Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, NL
17.11 Muziekclub 4AD, Diksmuide, BE
07.12 Eden, Charleroi, BE
08.12 Upon the My-O-My at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL
24.03 Leuven Jazz Festival, BE

Here's Dans Dans at the Paradox club in Tilburg, from a couple of years ago :


Earlier this year, Pierrejean Gaucher released "Le Son Des Bols", a project on which he collaborated with ceramic artist Mireille Favergeon. Recordings of diverse materials (bowls, vases,...) were processed on the computer and mixed with guitar (and effects).

His latest project has Pierrejean teaming up with sculptor Julien Allègre, mixing percussion and guitar.
I had the pleasure to give this a listen an it sounds great.
Out on CD / vinyl / digital download very soon.

Keep an eye out on Pierrejean's Bandcamp page !


Japanese percussionist Kuniko recorded Steve Reich's "Drumming".
Out on Linn Records / Outhere Records.

Here's a live fragment where she performs another piece by Steve Reich :

Friday, October 19, 2018


Gov't Mule has a link to Jamaica. Not only does the band play the Island Exodus festival every year, they also recorded the "Mighty High" album (green/yellow/red album cover) in 2007.

"Dub Side Of The Mule" is a pretty funky release and it features some fine reggae classics (and top guest musicians). I like it !
Data has been entered into the United Mutations Archives.


Would I go see a Zappa hologram concert?

Well, I've listened to a lot of concerts and recordings of rock bands, jazz ensembles and classical orchestras performing the music of Frank Zappa.
I have albums on which a Zappa tune or a theme is used to improvise on or even to make a complete new composition. Or albums on which FZ is sampled...
And I enjoyed a lot of them.

A hologram setup has endless possibilities.
Imagine a Dweezil Zappa or a Band From Utopia concert where Frank would pop up in 3D in the middle of a song to play a guitar solo ! A guitar solo that we already know, or maybe even one that we have never heard before ? It makes me smile already.
Or a holloFrank that conducts a new arrangement, or a whole new piece all together.
Or gigantic Bruce Bickford clay figures that take over the stage.

So would I go to a Zappa hologram concert ? With top musicians live on stage ? Performing the music of Frank Zappa ?
With musical fragments of 2D or 3D Frank ? And with other 2D and 3D extravaganza ?
I sure would.
Maybe even twice.


Here's the album cover and the tracklist for "Generation Axe", a project that Steve Vai participated in:

CD should be out in December.
Vinyl next year.
  1. generation axe: foreplay
  2. tosin abasi: temptin time
  3. tosin abasi and nuno bettencourt: physical educaion
  4. nuno bettencourt: a side of mash
  5. nuno bettencourt and zakk wylde: sideways
  6. zakk wylde: whipping post
  7. steve vai: bas horsie
  8. yngwie malmsteen: to be determined
  9. yngwie malmsteen and steve vai: black star
  10. steve vai, zakk wylde, nuno bettencourt and tosin abasi: frankenstein
  11. generation axe: highway star


Here's a short (but sweet) update by Evil Dick.
Copies of "Earthly Delights" have arrived at Evil Dick's HQ :

Go to
to order your copy.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Official Music Video from the album: "Dr. Demento Covered In Punk"
Barnes & Barnes classic 'Fish Heads' is performed by Osaka Popstar.


After the loss of Allen Woody, Gov't Mule recorded a tribute called "The Deep End", inviting various bass players (and other musicians) to participate.
The response was overwhelming and Warren Haynes and Matt Abts released two albums from these sessions.
"The Deep End - Volume 1" got released in 2001 as a single CD album. There's also a version with a 4 track bonus disc.
"The Deep End - Volume 2" got released later in the same year. Also as a single CD album, plus a version with 4 (different) tracks on a bonus disc.
In 2002, both albums got compiled on a 2 CD set. The obvious choice however, is the 3 CD set version as the added bonus disc collects all 8 tracks from the previous extra discs.

Gary Lucas and Tony Levin guest on 'World Of Confusion' on Volume 2.