Saturday, July 14, 2018


Audio Magazine (from Greece) used to include a free CD with the magazine.
I don't know if they still do this. I don't even know if the magazine still exist, but the person who compiled these little albums (in 1995 !)  did have a good taste in music.

CD number 7, from the April 1995 issue, included Harmonia's 'Barking Playful Sandwich' which is a mix of 'T'Mershi Duween' (F.Zappa), 'Igor's Boogie, Phase Four (O.Odori), 'Aerobics In Bondage' (F.Zappa) and 'Lumpy Gravy' (F.Zappa)

Originally issued on the "Harmonia Plays Zappa" album (from 1994).

Here's the Harmonia Ensemble live, in 2010, with their adaption of 'Alien Orifice'.

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