Monday, July 16, 2018


From The Residents' newsletter :

Next, The Residents are pleased to report that their new album, ‘Intruders’, has been completed and is now being prepared for release. Of course, we’re here to hype it, but it really is a remarkable record, and, dare we say, the work of a refreshed Residents. Eleven songs in all, each of them framed within its own vaguely paranoid soundscape, and featuring several guest contributors old and new. It seems the album will be available in your usual favourite formats, alongside some special offerings from our friends at Psychofon too. ETA is currently sometime around October, so watch the skies for an official announcement via Cherry Red and MVD.

And lastly, a reminder that the ‘I AM A RESIDENT!’ album will be released commercially worldwide on August 24th. There’s the regular 2CD version, featuring the IAAR suite and a selection of hand-picked cover versions of all your Residents faves, alongside a very special vinyl edition featuring even more exclusive fan versions. As you probably know, The Residents were overwhelmed by the standard of material submitted by almost two hundred fans for this project, and were moved to produce a remarkable and enduring suite in return. The results may be weird, but it’s an essential addition to The Residents’ canon.

Yeah, they have a canon. Get used to it.

There’s more of course – always more – including ‘Commercial Album’ and ‘Eskimo’ pREServed news – but that can wait. For now, The Residents hope you enjoy ‘The Brickeaters’ and wish you all the best in trying to understand the ‘I AM A RESIDENT!’ and ‘Intruders’ records.

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