Sunday, July 15, 2018


I remember talking to Lennart Gustafsson at the Zappanale festival quite some years ago. He told me about this recording and he sent me the necessary data (band, album title, year of release, country and label) so that I could start looking for it.

It took me quite some years to find this particular release, but I finally did.
Too bad that Lennart isn't around anymore. He passed away a couple of years ago.
Thank you, my friend. I'm happy to have known you.

Tongangarne is a student orchestra from Sweden.They're like a brass band, but do include percussion and a guitar. They perform rock and jazz classic in a rather straight-forward way.
There are two medleys to be found on "Egen Blandning". The first one, 'Popen', includes the theme of Frank Zappa's 'I'm The Slime'.
I like it.

Here it is :

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