Wednesday, July 25, 2018


PR019 Schwump - Aphids in the Hall 7"
That's right folks. Schwump's famous single Aphids in the Hall (b/w You're a Martian/Home) is coming out somewhere in August. Even if you're tall, they're gonna get you anyway.
This one comes in 3 editions, Clear vinyl (limited to 100 copies) with foldout cover, Red vinyl (also 100 copies) with special sleeve, and the standard black edition which comes in a thick cardboard sleeve.

PR020 Bretts Milk - Mammaries of Mommy CD
There is a brand new Bretts Milk album coming very soon and this is a special one. Featuring Nolan Cook (The Residents, Dimesland), you can hear a whole new adventure to await you on the second album from this eclectic gathering of musicians.
To be released in a special cover, limited to about 150 copies. Expected in September.

PR021 The Residents - Intruders
The Residents are pleased to report that their new album is completed and now being prepared for release. ETA is somewhere around October, but stay tuned for more details! Also coming at the same time will be a special 7" (PR021.1). Exciting!

PR022 Bene Gesserit - Benefit
A special project from Bene Gesserit. An LP issuing of their rare cassette release "Benefit". Limited to 300 Fluorescent Orange vinyl. More info coming soon over at our website/shop so be sure to check often!

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