Sunday, June 14, 2015


If you're in to guitar duos, here's something you definitely need to check out.

"Chasing Tales" features Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier, two top guitarists.
Pete Oxley has performed with numerous jazz artists and has recorded 14 albums to date.
Nicolas Meier's playing blends jazz with world music. He has toured around the world with his Meier Group and he's currently part of Jeff Beck's band.

"Chasing Tales" is the duo's second album. It presents 11 original compositions plus one piece by Turkish composer Aşık Veysel.
There's some excellent music on this album. Very melodic. Nylon string jazz and an occasional electric jazz guitar.
As the album title suggest, they will take you on a journey.

Here you go : an interview (with music !)

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