Monday, June 9, 2014


a message from Ostrich Von Nipple

Greetings friends. We have just posted a free promotional sampler from the Cosmos days on Bandcamp. This rare CD was handed out in Atlanta in 2011 and contains a collage-based track that represents various aspects of the Ostrich Von Nipple Contemplates the Cosmos record. Please feel free to download for free (although we do request your email) or offer a small donation. This music contains the incredible guitar work of Nolan Cook and r0b0t, the hypnotic percussion of Savage Joe, and the young and innocent voice of Havyn the Hatchling. Thanks, and tell your friends/enemies!!!

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  1. you know where these are available ?

    ostrich von nipple offers a hodgpodge
    ostrich von nipple quantifies absurdity