Sunday, June 15, 2014


It has been quite a number of years since Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren made a new album.
This new album is called  [Schack Tati] (combining the game of chess with movie-maker Jacques Tati) and it presents 12 fine pieces of music.

[Schack Tati] sounds peculiar and yet very familiar at the same time. From their first albums on, the duo has recorded the music that they wanted to make. The result may not be considered easy listening, pushing the limits for both the performers and the listeners, but it lead to an incomparable set of albums, with an immediately recognizable sound.

[Schack Tati] has Morgan Ågren not only performing drums, but also guitar, bass, programming, violin and even melodica. Mats Öberg takes care of the keyboard, an occasional synth bass and the exceptional harmonica.
This is right up my alley.

Released by Cuneiform.

Available from Mandai.

'Rubber Sky' is the first track of the album. Check it out. It has Alvin Ågren on vocals !

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