Friday, April 22, 2011


Over at the Purple Kiss blog ( an excellent set of Prince 12" remixes was made available for download. You'll have to scroll back a bit, and you'll have to search for the links, but it's oh so good. (Thank you, T)
Here's the list.

disc one

  • just another sucker (dance mix)

  • if you feel like dancin' (dance version 1)

  • if you feel like dancin' (dance version 2)

  • if you feel like dancin' (radio edit)

  • just as long as we're together (disco mix)

  • soft and wet (disco_mix)

  • sexy dancer (long version)

  • gotta stop (messin' about)

  • let's work (dance remix long verison)

  • how come u don't call me anymore

  • little red corvette (dance mix)

  • horny toad

  • irresistible bitch

disc two

  • 17 days

  • let's go crazy (special dance mix)

  • erotic city (make love not war...)

  • god (instrumental)

  • god (vocal)

  • i would die 4 u (extended)

  • another lonely christmas

disc three

  • paisley park (remix)

  • raspberry beret (new mix)

  • she's always in my hair (new mix)

  • pop life (extended version)

  • pop life (fresh dance mix)

  • hello

  • hello (fresh dance mix)

  • america (extended)

  • girl (extended)

disc four

  • kiss (extended)

  • love or $ (extended)

  • mountains (extended)

  • alexa de paris (extended)

  • anotherloverholenyohead (extended)

  • la, la, la, he, he, hee (highly explosive mix)

  • shockadelica (extended)

  • u got the look (long look)

  • housequake (7 minute mo' quake)

disc five

  • hot thing (extended remix)

  • hot thing (dub)

  • alphabet street (this is not music....)

  • glam slam (remix)

  • escape (free yo mind)

  • i wish you heaven (part 1)

  • i wish you heaven (part 2)

  • i wish you heaven (part 3)

  • scarlet pussy

  • scarlet pussy (extended)

  • feel u up (long stroke)

  • if i love u 2 nite

disc six

  • gett off (damn near 10 minutes)

  • gett off (thrust mix)

  • gett off (rosie's dub)

  • 7 (after 6 long version)

  • pink cashmere (remix)

  • pope (remix)

  • the most beautiful girl in the world (beautiful extended club mix)

  • beautiful beats

  • the most beautiful girl in the world (brian's mix)

  • face down (a capella)

  • face down (instrumental money mix)

  • face down (x-tended rap money mix)

  • the greatest romance ever sold (jason nevin's romance beats)

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