Tuesday, April 5, 2011


After the Grande Mothers concert in Weert, NL, I was able to find another excellent Brain Records release. Brain Records is Don Preston's private label. On this label, he has released music by various projects: solo, the Don & Bunk Show, the Grandmothers, and, yes, also the Akashic Ensemble.

Besides Don, the Akashic Ensemble featured Andre Cholmondeley (from Project/Object fame) on guitar, and the late Cheri Josne on percussion. This is the real stuff. It's funny, it has some great music (with some excellent improvisations), and there's some Zappa tunes on it as well. My guess is that this release dates from 2004 (the label says Brain Records BR014), but I could, of course, be wrong. I you're able to find it, don't hesitate!

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