Sunday, April 17, 2011


Okay, boys and girls. It looks like a sunny Sunday afternoon (central yuripean time) from where I'm typing this, so there's no reason to withhold this gem any longer.

After years of hard work, the Ant-Bee has finally released "Electronic Church Music". "ECM" is a contemporary mix of psychelic, progressive and Mother-esque music. The album features an unbelievable list of guest musicians (stay with me !!): former Mothers Don Preston, Jimmy Carl Black, Motorhead Sherwood, Bunk and Buzz Gardner and Napoleon Murphy Brock; Soft Machine and Gong's Gilli Smyth and Daevid Allen; Alice Cooper Group's Michael Bruce; Yes guitar player Peter Banks; former Magic Band members Zoot Horn Rollo and Rockette Morton; italian writer and musician Alessandro Pizzin; Focus guitar player and icon Jan Akkerman; German progressive rock multi instrumentalist Peter Frohmader; the late Bruce Cameron and also Moogy Klingman from Todd Rundgren's band.

The music, my friends, is as breathtaking as the above list suggests. A lot of the songs were composed by the participating musicians. Other tunes make the mysterious puzzle even more complete. Napoleon Murphy Brock, for instance, sings Todd Rundgren's 'Don't You Ever Learn?'. Add to all this some church organs, psalms, whispering voices and monk choirs and you know what to expect.

As the album title and the cover art suggest, the Ant-Bee offers us a the bible / songbook of the Electronic Church. Praise the Ant-Bee. I love it.


The album is available from Barking Moondog Records. Don't hesitate!

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