Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A number of new Zappa bootlegs have been spotted / announced.

* Frank Zappa: Come On Punky! Get funky
(2011, 2cd-bootleg, ??, the godfatherrecords gr 627/628)
= Live at Leroy theaters, Pawtucket, RI - October 23, 1977 – early show

* Frank Zappa: Brest 1979
(2011, 2cd-bootleg, ??, ??)
= longbox digipack

* Frank Zappa: Hammersmith Odeon
(2011, 4lp-box, ??, ??)
on black, yellow, white and red vinyl. includes poster


  1. Frank Zappa Hammersmith Odeon is not a Bootleg. There are linernotes by Peter Wolf and some Bonustracks not included on 3 CD Edition. My 4LP Edition is pressed on White Vinyl and seems to be #99/100.

    Bonustracks (Side 8)
    Wild Love (2-28_78) - 7:04
    Yo' Mama (2-28_78) - 11:33
    Outro/ The Purple Lagoon (2-28_78) - 0:27

    This is official Vinyl Release #89

    If this should be a Bootleg, it is the best bootleg I've ever seen & heard in my life.

  2. It's a bootleg allright, although counterfeit vinyl pressing of an official CD release might be a more accurate description. It's not the first time. Look at the vinyl pressings of the "Joe's" series, or the "MOFO" vinyl box set...