Sunday, April 17, 2011


Continuum is a quartet that performs contemporary improvisational music. On the 2000 "Passages" album, the line-up looked like this:

  • Steve Billman - 4 String fretted and fretless basses, 6 string fretted bass

  • Paul Carman - soprano, alto, tenor saxophones

  • Christopher Garcia - drumset, talba, olla, Paiste cymbals, electronic percussion

  • Craig Ochikubo - keyboard synthesizers

More recently, the quartet's line-up looked like this:

  • Christopher Garcia - drumset, tabla, kanjira, olla, Paiste Cymbals, percussion

  • Alfred Garcia - electric fretted and fretless bass guitar

  • Craig Ochikubo - keyboard synthesizers, piano

  • Damon Zick - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, & tenor saxophone

The band has released three albums. "You Tell Me" (1991), "Continuum" (1995) and "Passages" (2000). The latter two include pieces by John Bergamo, and "Passages" featured Paul Carman (who performed saxophone in Zappa's 1988 band).

Christopher Garcia, as you should now, is part of the Grande Mothers Re:Invented, and is the man behind the Quarteto Nuevo.

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