Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Bongo Fury in concert

Bongo Fury performed the music of Frank Zappa at the Zappanale festival on 2010/08/13. A Saturday afternoon. Guitar player Rikard Sjöblom also performed with his band Beardfish at Zappanale, so it was nice to hear him play some Zappa.

I liked what I heard, but I had witnessed LeBocal on the truckstage earlier on, and I was in attendance of The Central Scrutinizer Band...
Let's just say that it wasn't the easiest one to impress at that moment in time :-)
  • Rikard Sjöblom: Vocals, Guitar
  • Rasmus Diamant: Bass
  • Petter Diamant: Drums

A video recording of the concert was made available in a very limited edition (of 20 copies).
As I said: it was an okay concert for a Saturday afternoon.

  • announcements (jim cohen)
  • heavy duty judy
  • camarillo brillo
  • dirty love
  • oh no
  • son of orange county
  • king kong
  • call any vegetable
  • echidna's arf (of you)
  • don't you ever wash that thing?
  • let's make the water turn black
  • harry, you're a beast
  • the orange county lumber truck
  • trouble every day
  • cheepnis
  • cosmik debris
  • dog breath
  • peaches en regalia
  • rumbling boxes

-- setlist: Steffen Schindler

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