Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Jean-Luc Ponty headlined this years Zappanale festival.
This was top.

For me, the festival had started with the Ensemble Ambrosius' performance in Hamburg. I had also seen a terrific warm-up party with Lilo and with Don Condor, plus some excellent bands at the festival itself: LeBocal, The Central Scrutinizer Band, Caballero Reynaldo, Sebkha-Chott, The Muffin Men, ...
It was Sunday afternoon, and it had been another superb edition.
Did I know that the best had yet to come?

Jean-Luc Ponty had brought a great band and they played a marvelous set.
Violin, piano, bass and drums.
Out of this world.
  • On My Way To Bombay
  • A Journey's End
  • Back In The 60s
  • Without Regrets
  • Celtic Steps
  • Mirage
  • The Struggle Of The Turtle To The Sea
  • Desert Crossing
  • King Kong
  • Twenty Small Cigars
  • After The Storm
  • Open Mind

-- setlist: Andrew Greenaway

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