Saturday, October 16, 2010


I still have this pile of great stuff lying on my desk... All part of the Zappanale Journal.
So next up is the concert that the Ensemble Modern did at Zappanale.
Main Stage, 2010/08/13.

Having seen the ensemble three days before in Hamburg, was an excellent start of the festival.
So when they played again at the main stage at the festival grounds, I knew I had to be there.

Great tunes (a nice and dared mixture of contemporary pieces), great performances (the mix was really good as well), and a bunch of nice people (Luuk and I had a nice chat with them the day before).
It was a blast.

I'm glad that this concert got recorded. It was made available at the festival in a very limited quantity.

ensemble ambrosius
- olli virtaperko: cello & leading, composition, arranging
- veli kujala: accordion, midi accordion
- eira karlson: violin
- aija kankaanranta: kantele
- ere lievonen: cembalo, toy piano, melodica, celestette & arranging
- susanne kujala: organ, melodika & celestette
- joni leino: percussion, glockenspiel
- napoleon murphy brock: vocal, flute

  • announcements (jim cohen)
  • night school
  • announcements (olli virtaperko)
  • rdnzl
  • son of orange county
  • dupree's paradise
  • the black page #2
  • announcements (olli virtaperko)
  • igor's boogie
  • echidna's arf (of you)
  • announcements (olli virtaperko)
  • gach (olli virtaperko)
  • questa storia del mago non mi convince (olli virtaperko)
  • announcements (olli virtaperko)
  • zoot allures
  • big swifty
  • announcements (olli virtaperko)
  • the idiot bastard son (with nmb)
  • announcements (napoleon murphy brock)
  • flute solo (napoleon murphy brock)
  • adaption from ''trois gymnopedies'' (erik satie) with nmb
  • flute solo (napoleon murphy brock)
  • montana (with nmb)
  • let's make the water turn black (with nmb)
  • announcements (jim cohen, olli virtaperko)
  • lines and protuberances (by olli virtaperko)
-- setlist: Steffen Schindler

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