Sunday, August 26, 2018


  • asbest: they kill
        (2018, download, --, bandcamp)
Asbest is a trio from Basel, Switzerland. They play energetic post punk noise rock.
It's all in the name:
"Asbest (German for Asbestos) is a fiber that is part of the structure and yet its existence is undesired. As soon as an attempt is made to remove Asbest, it becomes harmful. Asbest is the systems own inherent contradiction."

The trio features Robyn Trachsel (guitar and vocals), Judith Breitinger (bass) and Jonas Häne (drums).
'They Kill' is the single / appetizer for their first album, "Driven", which will be released in a couple of days.

Check it out :

I got the opportunity to listen to the new album and I have to say that it sounds very impressive.
8 tracks that will shake you up in every possible way.
Out on A Tree In A Field Records / Czar Of Bullets

The band will be promoting the new album in Germany and Switzerland.

01.09.2018: CH-Kreuzlingen, Horst Klub w/ Heavy Harvest
02.09.2018: DE-Freiburg, Slow Club w/ Sudden Infant
04.09.2018: DE-Kassel, Sandershaus
07.09.2018: DE-Dresden, AZ Conni w/ Eric Ayotte
08.09.2018: DE-Nürnberg, Project31
18.09.2018: CH-Bern, Frauenraum w/ The Franklys
06.10.2018: CH-Winterthur, Albani, w/ Obacht Obacht
12.10.2018: CH-Basel Kaschemme, Rausch & und Ester Poly
30.10.2018: CH-Düdingen, Bad Bonn, w/ Die Nerven
23.11.2018: CH-Olten Coq D‘Or Olten, w/ Whispering Sons

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