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February 2019, Br1tag put an almost 3-hour video up on YouTube.
It was a collection of audio and video fragments, all taken from the famous 1969 Amougies festival.

Br1tag added:

ACTUEL FESTIVAL was to take place in France in October 1969, but the French authorities canceled the authorizations at the last minute. It was moved hastily in Amougies (Belgium). It was a rock-pop-jazz festival. FZ was invited to play, but The Mothers was dissolved, so he participated as a Master of Ceremonies and played in many jam sessions with various groups. 
Jérôme Laperrousaz and jean-Noël Roy made a long film (documentary + concerts). It was broadcast a couple of times on TV, but then it was lost. Only a few pieces have been saved. It would be great to find footage of Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, John Surman, Anthony Braxton ... Who knows if they will ever find?
I have long tried to find all the fragments that had been saved here and there and now I decided to put it all together. I worked a lot to edit the fragments of footages, synchronize them and improve the sound quality of the concerts, especially the amateur recordings (which were very bad!)

00:00 PART 1 intro (photographs + mix festival music by East Of Eden, Gong, Archie Shepp)

02:48 PART 2, documentary included:
17:49 The Nice
21:57 Yes
22:18 Colosseum
28:50 Pink Floyd

PART 3, concerts video:
35:05 Captain Beefheart
40:35 Pink Floyd
1:06:30 Frank Zappa/Pink Floyd

PART 4, FZ’s jam sessions (amatorial sound recordings - in this section I combined music with pieces of documentary footage, to maintain the atmosphere of the festival):
1:20:20 Sam Apple Pie
1:26:25 Caravan
1:34:18 Pink Floyd
1:54:46 Aynsley Dunbar
2:01:50 Blossom Toes
2:28:02 Captain Beefheart

A short story, in French :

And for those who understand, a better documented piece in Flemish / Dutch :

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