Wednesday, February 19, 2020


On March 20th 2020 Czar Of Crickets Productions will release the new album, "Jungle Eyes" by progressive post-metal experimentalists Posthumanbigbang.

The Swiss collective Posthumanbigbang surrounding mastermind Remo Häberli enters the new decade with its signature mix of experimental and post metal, progressive rock and film scoring with dips of atmospheric synths and native world music. It’s a melting pot of fragile melodies, hard-hitting tunes, sophisticated and honest lyrics, versatile vocals and full steam drumming.

Supported by all original members plus seven great guest musicians on this unfathomable record - especially to highlight Mike Liechti’s incredible drum work - and covered by an astonishing Artwork by Philipp Thöni (BlackYard), “Jungle Eyes” will show its audience a gripping journey of life.

After this long process of intense work in writing, recording and producing the music, the result is a magnum opus with an astounding level of depth, density and range, focusing on strong emotions and elaborate sonority.

Here's 'Cycles' :

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