Sunday, April 9, 2017


  • stefano tamburini: mongoholy-nazy / thalidomusic for young babies
        (2017, 2lp, italy, plastica marella)
The late Italian comic book artist and writer Stefano Tamburini has used a Zappa-like figure in some of his comic books. You can find pictures of his Fuzzy Rat character in the United Mutations Archives.
Stefano also is the writer of RanXerox, a comic that he made with Tanino Liberatore.
The album cover of "The Man From Utopia" shows Frank Zappa as RanXerox.

The below picture shows Stefano Tamburini - Frank Zappa - Tanino Liberatore in Rome 1982.

Stefano Tamburini also was a musician. In 1981, he released "Mongoholy-Naz / Thalidomusic For Young Babies" as a slim cassette release in an edition of a few dozen copies. This album got re-released by the Plastica Marella record label in 2017 on vinyl. 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on clear vinyl.

Here are some samples of the re-released album :


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