Sunday, April 2, 2017


I guess you remember the 2015 dowload-only track by The Residents (Black Tar And The Cry Babies) called 'Season Of The Witch'.

Are we getting a sequel?

The latest Hardy Fox / Charles Bobuck newsletter  includes links to a number of mp3's of songs by Black Tar And The Cry Babies.

  • Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese And Milk
  • Stop, I'm Watching TV
  • Dork
  • I've Got You Babe
  • Think Of Me
  • Fourteen
Also of interest is the scheduled release of "The Best Of Black Tar And The Cry Babies", plus the fourth volume in the TOOK-series.
On May 15.

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  1. Those songs are by me. :) Look near the bottom of the newsletter.