Sunday, April 2, 2017


From the Rudy Schwartz Project's "Remembering A Summertime Rash" album, 2010.

I wanna join Islamic Jihad
I just want to kill for God
Praising Allah is the life for me

I'll use pipe bombs what the fuck
Killing Hebrews brings good luck
Gotta make Ruhollah Khomeini proud of me

Load a car with dynamite, drive it to a synagogue without any breaks
Nothing could be better than impaling your intestines on a big rusty steak
Hand grenades and cattle prods, lets go out and kill for God I can hear Mohammad calling me

Yawza, yawza, yawza.

Though the Corin seems quite odd, I still want to kill for God
Praising Jesus is the life for me
Fuck those Pagans they're such cynics
Let's go bomb the abortion clinic, Jerry Falwell is my cup of tea

Never thought I'd make it big by selling God to idiots on cable TV
What the fuck it's not GE but still what better way to use my business degree
Use a rifle, spare the rod, let's go out and kill for God
Praise the lord and hand that gun to me

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  1. Thanks for the link. This is the first of four (so far) collaborations between RSP and Zontar.

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