Sunday, April 23, 2017


Last year, the Musica de Selagem ensemble released their first album. It was a joint release between the Risco Records label (from Brazil) and El Negocito Records (from Belgium).

With the intention of broadening their musical horizon, Arthur Decloedt and Filipe Nader moved from Brazil to Europe in 2007. Arthur settled down in Paris while Filipe first moved to Paris and later to Brussels where he joined Ifa y Xango, a.o.
Mid 2013, they both returned to Brazil and formed a band with Guilherme Marques, Celio Barros and Marcelo Coelho. The name, Musica de Selvagem (Savage Music) comes from an encounter that Arthur had with musician who refused to play some of the written music, calling it "Savage music".

Their first (and eponymous) album presents improvised pieces as well as compositions by Arthur Decloedt and Guilherme Marques. It's a nice equilibrium.
The album is rather short. It includes six pieces and clocks at 40 minutes, but that all adds to the power and the dynamics of the pieces.

Here's a live fragment, recorded for Balcony TV, from 2016.
Add another saxophone and a trumpet and you can imagine what you'll get !!

Available from El Negocito records.

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