Saturday, April 22, 2017


It always gives me great joy to see musicians dedicate themselves to perform the music of Captain Beefheart. Holding Orange Clawh Hammer's "Cooks The Beef" in my hands proves that these kind of people go all the way. They rehearse, perform, record and make a superb little album. How commited can you be?
On "Orang Claw Hammer Cooks The Beef", Steve Kettley (tenor and soprano sax, vocals), Stuart Allardyce (gutiars), Deve Beards (bass) and Des Travis (drums) present seven tracks, plus one live track.
  1. hot head
  2. i love you, you big dummy
  3. click clack
  4. ice rose
  5. ant man bee
  6. when i see a mommy, i feel like a mummy
  7. when it blows it stacks

    bonus live track
  8. flavor bud living / veteran's day poppy
I love it.
The sound is very clean and the arrangements have a very jazzy approach.
Superb playing and beautiful improvisations.

Highly recommended !

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