Saturday, April 8, 2017


The Universe By Ear have released a new video, and it is a beautifully orchestrated mash up of old film footage and psychodelic sequences, ready to blow your mind;

Here is what the band has to say about it:

"You gotta hit them when they’re down. That’s why The Universe By Ear delivers the next punch hardly two weeks after the release of their untitled debut album. This time it’s a clip and a boneshaking one at that. The song (the third song from the aforementioned album turned into a visual experience) is an almost-instrumental one that makes sparse but effective use of the bands three voices. In layered harmonies only the title is sung, but it prooves to be a memorable line: “Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully).”

In between these rays of light, the three-piece-bands heavy riffs and shattering drums dominate the scene, fittingly illustrated with retro-colored images of cars racing and crashing and old-school-rocketts taking off into space. But The Universe By Ear neither indulge in pure lust for destruction nor do they advertise violence in any form. However… slamming your head against the wall (carefully) can surely lead to mind-altering states – or if you prefer a way to do that without covering your walls in blood: check out The Universe By Ear."

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