Sunday, June 12, 2016


The Skordature Punkjazz Ensemble has a new album out.
If my memory serves me right, listening to their first album made me write: "The quartet brings a raw and unbridled mix of fusion, jazz and rock."
I am happy to say that this is also true for "Empty The Headbin", the band's second release.

The album presents 10 pieces, composed by the various members of the quartet, Jakob Haghebaert (guitar), Thomas Vanhauwaert (keys), Joshua Dellaert (bass) and Sebastiaan Vekeman (drums).

Skordatura EP continues where it left off with "How To Chase A Minute In One Second". The band has definitely found its typical sound and explores it with pleasure. As do I.
I like the combination of the electronic sounds against the melody lines. I like the odd meters. I like "Empty The Headbin".

Released on and available from Solidude Records.

Here's the rehearsal of 'Kitten The Dog', a composition by Joshua Dellaert.


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