Sunday, June 12, 2016


Japanese rock / funk band Jagatara was formed in 1979 by Edo Akemi.
After Edo Akemi's dead in 1990, the band broke up.

For years, I've had an mp3 of Jagatara performing Frank Zappa's 'Black Napkins'. On one of my recent searches, I did find the data of an album that included Jagatara performing Zappa's 'Peaches III'. No 'Black Napkins', but the info said that it included 'Peaches III'.

Imagine my surprise when I popped the CD in the CD-player to discover that after a couple of minutes into the first track, called 'Landscape', the band starts performing FZ's 'The Black Page'.
And, yes, it does includes a fine version of 'Peaches III' as well.

A great find, even if I say so myself, and an excellent addition to The Others Of Invention.

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