Monday, March 28, 2016


True, this album hasn't been released yet. It's scheduled to be released in a couple of months on the Cordelia label.
It's just that I was able to give it a 'pre-release listening' last week and it's so good that I can't wait to tell you about it.

Z.E.R.O. or the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra is a bunch of excellent musicians from the U.S. of A. "Z.E.R.O. Tolerance" is their second album and the band is scheduled to perform at the next edition of Zappanale !!

"Z.E.R.O. Tolerance" has it all. Top musicians, Motheresque humor, musical puns and references, and superb arrangements and performances of classic Zappa material.
It even features Ike Willis on one track.
This is going to be a lot of fun at Zappanale.

Here's the tracklist:
  • my dog has fleas
  • who are the brain police?
  • montana
  • son of genes
  • my dog has fleas #2
  • little house i used to live in - solo piano intro (revised)
  • take your clothes off when you dance
  • little house is used to live in
  • king kong
  • village of the sun
  • dilemma
  • let's move to cleveland
  • any way the wind blows
  • sofa #2
And some live footage:

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