Monday, March 28, 2016


March 2014, Zjakki Willems organised the two-day Arf! Arf! Arf! happening at 'De Singel' in Antwerp, Belgium. The festival featured concerts by Captain Cheese-Beard, The Wrong Object, The Brussels Philharmonic (with Robert Martin), and by Flat Earth Society.

Flat Earth Society had prepared a special program for the occasion: "Terms Of Embarrassment". The concert included Zappa pieces next to compositions that had been written by Peter Vermeersch and by Pierre Vervloesem. And to add a bit of extra spice, FES had invited Mauro Pawlowski as a reinforcement.
The concert was quite good and, fortunately, the band got the possibility to take "Terms Of Embarrassment" on the road for a series of concerts in Belgium, The Netherlands and Japan.

The results of this tour can be found on this brand-new album. Recorded in concert in Ghent, Mechelen, Rotterdam, Sint-Niklaas and Breda, "Terms Of Embarrassment" presents 7 amazing pieces.
  1. Me Standard, You Poor  (Peter Vermeersch)
  2. Random Riffs  (Frank Zappa)
    = some sort of mash-up of different licks from various Zappa tunes !!
  3. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance  (Frank Zappa)
  4. Abracadabra  (Pierre Vervloesem)
    including various Frank Zappa vamps and typical chord changes
  5. Solitude  (Frank Zappa)
    the infamous song that Frank wrote for Gail but that never got performed live.
    There's a tape circulating from the Zappa Universe rehearsals where this track got performed, and Ed Palermo has performed it with his big band as well.
    Vocals by Mauro Pawlowski and Berlinde Deman.
  6. Ahmad & Juan  (Peter Vermeersch)
    Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  7. City Of Tiny Lites  (Frank Zappa)
Add vocals by Mauro Pawlowski, the typical FES sound and arrangements, exceptional guitar solos by Pierre Vervloesem, one kg of humor per square meter, and you might be able to imagine what you could expect.
This is a must-hear !
Essential listening !!


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