Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Gary Lucas does his own thing. Whether it is playing experimental acoustic or rock music, making electronic soundscapes or providing soundtracks to movies, Gary Lucas does it without taking into account if it is the popular thing to do. He's never been part of a hype or a scene. He creates them.

Gary's latest project is a tribute to the music from the Max Fleischer cartoons.
Max Fleischer was the animation pioneer who created Betty Boop and Popeye.  In the liner notes of the album, Gary Lucas recalls watching these cartoons in the early sixties.

For his Fleischerei project, Gary recruted vocalist Sarah Stiles and longtime collaborator and trombone player Joe Fiedler (Fast 'N' Bulbous !!).
The sexted was completed by adding Michael Bates (double bass), Jeff Lederer (woodwinds) and Rob Garcia (drums).

The result does sound rather special. I like the music and the arrangements. I would have loved it if it had included animated movies. It would have been perfect if the songs would have been sung by the animated Betty Boop (or Olive for that matter).
Still, a nice project.

Out on Cuneiform Records

Available from Mandaï

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