Monday, March 14, 2016


Corrie van Binsbergen's latest project is called Van Binsbergen Playstation. The project took a start in March 2014 at the Brokkenbal, a one-day festival that Corrie van Binsbergen organises once a year in Amsterdam, NL.
For Van Binsbergen Playstation, composer and guitar player Corrie van Binsbergen gathered an exquisite sample of the Dutch jazz scene: Morris Kliphuis (french horn, cornet), Joost Buis (trombone, lapsteel), Mete Erker (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Miguel Boelens (soprano and alto sax), Yonga Sun (drums), Dion Nijland (double bass) and Albert van Veenendaal (prepared piano).

May 2015, the project got a sequel with a second concert in Den Bosch, NL, soon followed by a live album (recorded at the first two concerts).

"Live" is an excellent album. It presents 11 tracks, 9 of which were composed by Corrie van Binsbergen. Beautiful compositions / stories.
Check out 'The Magic Sock part 5' !!
The two other composers are Joost Buis with 'Basil Outside' (check out Joost Buis' Astronotes albums !!) and Billy Strayhorn with 'A Flower Is A Lovesomething'.

Van Binsbergen Playstation is doing concerts, just not that often. So check out and try to catch them live.
I saw them at the Paradox club in Tilburg, NL, recently and they rocked (or jazzed).

In the meantime, don't hesitate to get this amazing album.


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