Sunday, March 15, 2015


The Ward Records label has recently released two boxes that feature Eddie Jobson.

The first one is "Curtain Call" by U.K.
It's a Blu-Ray (or DVD) set that includes live performances of the "U.K." and the "Danger Money" album.

The second one is "Four Decades" by Eddie Jobson.
This is also available as a Blu-Ray (or DVD) set and presents the retrospective concert that Eddie Jobson did. "Four Decades" includes material from his time with U.K., some solo material and even a Frank Zappa tune !!

Here's a review by Galeans, at the Zappateers website:

And here's the link to the various editions and packages at the Ward Records label shop:

Thanks to Galeans for his fine post at Zappateers. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

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