Sunday, March 1, 2015


For his eight solo album, Indonesion guitarist Dewa Budjana went to the East Coast. With the help of Leonardo Pavkovic (of MoonJune Records), Dewa Budjana assembled an impressive band: António Sanchez on drums, Ben Williams on upright bass and Joe Locke on vibraphone.
António Sanchez and Ben Williams played together previously in Pat Metheny's Unity Band project.

"Hasta Karma" got recorded at the Kaleidoscope Sound Studio in Union City, NJ, in one single day which, given the complexity of the music, is quite an accomplishment.
The music itself is excellent. And Joe Locke's vibraphone sounds great next to Dewa Budjana's guitar.

The most endearing track on "Hasta Karma" is 'Ruang Dialisis", a composition that Dewa Budjana dedicated to his late father. The piece includes a sampled recording of the guitarist's grandmother, chanting a traditional funeral song for her son.

Out on the MoonJune label:

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