Saturday, March 28, 2015


The message from Residents keyboard player and composer Charles 'Chuck' Bobuck shortly after the Santa Cruz gig:

Friday night at the SXSW show, the announcement was made that I was not going to continue live performances. Some people thought I was going away entirely, but that is far from the case. I am merely realigning my priorities.

I am far more interested in developing new projects, especially new music projects. Despite the concept album format having lost favor, I am still enamored with the idea. I see no reason not to return to what I love to do.

Touring will continue without me, but you probably won’t notice much difference. I’m still writing arrangements and working on the production. And with masks, who can tell anyway. I think the shows are only going to get better.

To further state my determination for a fresh start, I offer this free download. Walk Over.

Thanks to my friends, Randy, Bob, and Siri for their participation.


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