Sunday, March 15, 2015


The Mice biography from All Music:
Do-it-yourself post-punk band the Deep Freeze Mice released ten records in their decade-long existence. The original lineup -- guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins, bassist Mick Bunnage (of the Statics), keyboardist Sherree Lawrence, and drummer Graham Summers (also of the Statics) -- stayed intact until the release of the band's third record, The Gates of Lunch. After the departure of Summers and the acquisition of replacement Pete Gregory, the lineup remained until their breakup in 1989. Leader Jenkins (who was also involved with the Chrysanthemums and Ruth's Refrigerator during the existence of his primary band) continued afterwards in the Creams and the Thurston Lava Tube. All of Deep Freeze Mice's records were released in small quantities through the band's labels, Mole Embalming and Cordelia.

Alan Jenkins' Cordelia Records recently released the fourth album of the Deep Freeze Mice, "Saw A Ranch House Burning Last Night".
It includes a 20-page booklet and 12 bonus songs.

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