Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Fifty years ago, Paul Buff was running his PAL Studio in Cucamonga. Jump back in time with Crossfire Publications and listen to another impressive batch of recordings.

Frank Zappa engineered The Tornadoes' "Bumble Bee Stomp" and "Johnny B. Goode" and the album also includes an edit featuring just the performance of "Cyclophony" with Frank Zappa at the Steve Allen TV show.

  1. the hollywood persuaders: drums a-go-go (stereo mix)
  2. the tornadoes: bumble bee stomp
  3. paul buff: the girl i'd like to marry
  4. the buff organization: new theme
  5. the masters: come back my love (backing track)
  6. paul buff: organ 1
  7. the bongo teens: the happy surfer
  8. the buff organization: the square (mono mix)
  9. johnny fisher: dream tonight (first stereo mix)
  10. the masters: t bone (outtake 1 - stereo mix)
  11. paul buff: piano 4
  12. the music machine: masculine intuition
  13. the tornadoes: johnny b. goode
  14. paul buff: organ 3
  15. johnny barakat and the vestells: 5-4-3-2-1 surf!
  16. paul buff: betty jane (backing track with flute)
  17. the music machine: wrong
  18. birmingham sunday: mr. waters (the judge)
  19. hunger!: workshop (revised lp version - edit)
  20. frank zappa / steve allen: cyclophony (edit)
  21. the friendly torpedoes: nothing's too good for my car (intro insert)
  22. the buff organization: dance with the chickens
  23. sonny wilson: sonny wilson fragment
  24. paul buff: circus time again
  25. terri & the velveteens: i'm waiting (demo)

You can read the liner-notes and order the album at CDBaby:

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