Wednesday, August 25, 2010


2010/08/10 concert 'St.Katharinenkirche', Hamburg, Germany

Ensemble Ambrosius
  • Olli Virtaperko: cello & leading, composition, arranging
  • Veli Kujala: accordion, midi accordion
  • Eira Karlson: violin
  • Aija Kankaanranta: kantele
  • Ere Lievonen: cembalo, toy piano, melodica, celestette & arranging
  • Susanne Kujala: organ, melodika & celestette
  • Joni Leino: percussion, Glockenspiel
  • Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocal, flute

The Program

Frank Zappa
- Night School (arr. Ere Lievonen)

Frank Zappa
- RDNZL (arr. Virtaperko)
- Son Of Orange County (arr. Virtaperko)
- Dupree's Paradise (arr. Virtaperko)
- The Black Page (arr. Virtaperko & Lievonen)
Olli Virtaperko
- Kalkkeen meri ahtona (duo for kantele & accordion)
György Ligeti
- Continuum (harpsichord solo)
Olli Virtaperko
- Questa storia del mago non mi convince

-- interval --

Olli Virtaperko
- Immortal Coils (3rd Movement of organ solo Dawkins (2008))
Olli Virtaperko
- Soabbegealdinoaivi
Olli Virtaperko
- Pirun keuhkot (The Devil's Lungs ; accordion solo)
Frank Zappa
- Zoot Allures (arr. Virtaperko)
- Big Swifty (arr. Virtaperko)
Olli Virtaperko
- Napoleon's Entrance Music
Frank Zappa
- The Idiot Bastard Son (arr. Virtaperko)
Frank Zappa
- ABC (Napoleon solo)
Erik Satie
- Gymnopedie not.1 (arr. Tom Trapp)
- Extract from Concert for arpsichord in D (Napoleon & Olli)
Frank Zappa
- Montana (arr. Virtaperko)

-- encores --

Frank Zappa
- Let's Make The Water Turn Black
Frank Zappa
- Igor's Boogie
Frank Zappa
- Echidna's Arf (Of You)
Olli Virtaperko
- Lines and Protuberences

An audience recording of this concert got seeded at Zappateers

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