Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Here's more goodies from Crossfire Publications. All from Paul Buff's kitchen.

Check it out at CDBaby.
FZ composed and performed on Bob Guy's "Letter From Jeepers", plus this volume also includes a longer version of The Pal Studio Band's "Fountain Of Love".

  1. the friendly torpedoes: nothing's too good for my car (stereo mix)
  2. the rotations: the cruncher (alternate mix)
  3. johnny barakat and the vestells: go surfer mo (el zebra)
  4. the hollywood persuaders: organ stomp
  5. bob guy: letter from jeepers
  6. the velveteens: johnny's jump
  7. the bongo teens: forget it
  8. the sonny wilson band: cotton pickin' rock
  9. paul buff: she's got a 60 cycle brain (demo)
  10. gene gray and the stingerays: surfer's mood
  11. the buff organization: summer avenue
  12. strawberry sac (aka crystal circus): in relation
  13. strawberry sac (aka crystal circus): merry-go-round
  14. the hollywood persuaders: persuasion (lp version)
  15. the masters / chester martin: come back my love (single-tracked vocal)
  16. the hollywood persuaders: tijuana (stereo lp mix)
  17. the pal studio band: fountain of love
  18. the friendly torpedoes: so long ago (stereo mix)
  19. ricky dean: blue christmas day
  20. the hollywood persuaders: cruisin'
  21. the buff organization: upside down world (demo - version 7)
  22. paul buff: piano 3
  23. paul buff: darling it's true (version 2)

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