Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins

And it's not just two concerts.
Both of these are from 1998 (!), and it's video (!!).

1998/08/13 SWR clinic at Musician's Workshop, Manalapan, NJ


  • Mike Keneally * Bryan Beller * Jason Harrison Smith * Bob Tedde * Marc Ziegenhagen


  • Cardboard Dog, Potato, SWR Talk, Voyage To Manhood, Top Of Stove Melting, SWR Talk, Cowlogy

An audience video recording of this clinic got seeded at Zappateers

1998/10/25 concert 'Upstair's at Nick's', Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, usa


  • Mike Keneally: guitar & vocal * Bryan Beller: bass * Marc Ziegenhagen: keyboard * Jason Harrison Smith: drums * Bob Tedde: guitar & vocals * Peggy Totzke: vocals


  • 'Cause Of Breakfast, Killer Fish, Frozen Beef, Open Up!, My Dilemma, Spoon Guy, Uglytown, Immigrant Song, Uglytown, Strange Impulse, Looking For Nina, I Drum-Running Am Clapboard Bound, Rosemary Girl, Pencil Music
    Lightnin' Roy, Voyage To Manhood, Top Of Stove Melting, Beautiful, Them Dolphins is Smart, 1988 Was A Million Years Ago, Yep Them Dolphins is Smart Alright, Bullys, Missile Dick, Tranquillado, Career-Quimby, I Can't Stop, I'm So Tired, Inca Roads, Cardboard Dog, Vent, Pretty Enough For Girls, Taster, Potato

An audience video (with soundboard audio) recording of this concert got seeded at Zappateers

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