Monday, August 23, 2010


Rubatong is a rather new Dutch band.

  • Tatiana Koleva: vibes, percussion
  • René van Barneveld: guitar
  • Han Buhrs: vocals
  • Luc Ex: acoustic bassguitar
From the Rubatong website /

RUBATONG was put together by Han Buhrs in 2006.
Sure, the musical backgrounds of the members of this quartet differ substantially: there's an improvising bassist that once started off playing punk, a percussionist who is usually engaged in performing the sophisticated precission of contemporary classical music, a guitarist that is known for mixing rock and rap music, but never abondoned his lyrical options and a vocalist that will tempt anything between raw throat sounds and singable language -be it english, dutch or french- to become a song.
That's Rubatong, in theory, that is.

But there's more: this quartet appears to be able to unite around crystal-clear little tunes as well as loud collective rhythmes and sound bursts, thus providing a wide dynamical range within its repertoire.
The diversity of their musical backgrounds is not a leading principle for the Rubatong musicians. It's just usefull information that they bring in during rehearsals.
So after all the most striking characterization of Rubatong is the fact that it's a band. A band that ingeniously scrapes and sands their ideas untill a remarkably ideosyncratic music emerges.

Han Buhrs performed and recorded with Palinckx, René van Barneveld was part of Urban Dance Squad and Luc Ex was the frontman of The Ex.

Check out the MySpace page for concert info.
I did get informed that they'll be playing at De PlusEtage in Baarle Nassau, NL, on September 11, 2010.

-- info: Ive Hapers

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