Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"Paul Buff Presents - Volume 20" concludes Crossfire Publications research into Paul Buff's Cucamonga era.
Quite a ride.
Who could have thought that we would get the chance to listen to this material so many years after it got recorded.
Again, this volume features Uncle Frank contributions: he engineered The Tornadoes' 'Malaguena', there's an interview with FZ where he discusses the period at PAL Studios, and there's the PAL Studio Band's version (with Zappa) of the Zappa penned 'Never On Sunday'.

Available as download-only album from CDBaby:

  1. the tornadoes: malaguena (dark eyes)
  2. the masters: t bone (undubbed mono mix)
  3. big brother featuring ernie joseph: e.s.p. (second single version)
  4. strawberry sac (aka crystal circus): the difference between us
  5. the bongo teens: baja bongos (mono lp version)
  6. the hollywood persuaders: yes, i want to dance (single version)
  7. the masters: sunday blues (outtake 1)
  8. the buff organization: tarzan
  9. the hollywood persuaders: sunset strip (alternate version)
  10. the buff organization: windows (paul/allison buff vocals)
  11. the hollywood persuaders: tijuana (original stereo mix)
  12. the buff organization: the parrot goose song
  13. the hollywood persuaders: drums (single version)
  14. the hollywood persuaders: agua caliente (hot water) (demo)
  15. the buff organization: studio 'a' (stereo mix)
  16. the buff organization: upside down world (stereo mix)
  17. the masters: toothpick boogie (mono mix)
  18. sonny wilson: my proudest possession (demo)
  19. the hollywood persuaders: drums a-go-go (demo)
  20. the rotations: like surf (fragment)
  21. frank zappa: frank zappa interview
  22. the pal studio band: never on sunday (1963 version)

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