Friday, November 27, 2009


Residents Friend,

there is news.

On this day, here in the USA where we stuff our pieholes to show thanks for all we have, we here at Ralph invite you to show more thanks: The Residents have leaked out another release to the Ralph Gang this week.

So stop on by the Ralph store ( to have a look at ARKANSAS, a Ralph limited edition cd, limited to 500 copies, hand numbered, full color digipak package, and if you order soon, there is also the opportunity to pick up a new Santa Dog tee shirt (or long sleve shirt, or hoodie). Tis the season, yes? ARKANSAS will complete your Bunny Boy experience, with songs that appeared in the show, but not on the album, some sketches, demos and alternate versions of Bunny Boy material.

These should be shipping by about Dec. 9th, just in time for the holiday season! And we figure that these will probably go pretty quick.

Happy "day of thanks" everyone!

The Ralph Gang

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