Sunday, November 29, 2009


A new Mike Keneally album is always celebrated over here, at UM HQ.
Few artists have been able to sustain such a high degree of quality throughout their career.

Mike's latest is called "Scambot 1" and it's the first in a trilogy.
And there's not just "Scambot 1" - the standard edition, there's also "Scambot 1" - the limited and numbered edition that comes with a bonus disc of songs and stories that were inspired by "Scambot 1".

The music on "Scambot 1" is quite diverse. It blends rock, jazz and contemporary music in a beautiful, recognisable Mike Keneally mix.

Compared with his previous albums, Mike Keneally succeeded in raising the bar again.
"Scambot 1" is the best Keneally I've heard so far.
The Zappa imprint is unmistakable, and I can even hear a bit of Steve Vai influence, but most of all, I hear beautiful & playful Mike Keneally music.
Did I mention that there's also an edition with a bonus disc?

Essential !!

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