Thursday, November 19, 2009


Friends of Saturn (or friends of adventurous music, as one might call them) will be pleased to know that Peter Vermeersch's Flat Earth Society has another new album out.

"Answer Songs" is exactly what it says: songs of which both the music and the lyrics are written in response to another song.
Here's the list:
  • To walk a mermaid (p.vandenberghe / p.verhelst)
    - answer song to 'song to the siren (jeff buckley)
  • Les brasseries de la plage (p.vermeersch / r.hofstede)
    - answer song to 'les filles du bord de mer / vous permettez) (adamo)
  • The everlasting sea (b.vansina / f.wagemans)
    - answer song to 'should i stay or should i go' (the clash)
  • Dit is alles (p.vermeersch / pauw)
    - answer song to 'is dit alles' (doe maar)
  • Drizzlin' on heels (t.wouters / t.wouters)
    - answer song to 'i'm deranged' (d.bowie)
  • Thursday 12th (c.van binsbergen / p.vermeersch)
    - answer song to 'i don't like mondays / Friday 13th) (boomtown rats & monk)
  • Poupée de con (p.vermeersch / g.dendooven)
    - answer song to 'poopée de cire' (s.gainsbourg)
  • Miss possible (p.vandenberghe)
    - answer song to 'mission impossible' (l.schiffrin)
  • By now (p.vermeersch / p.vermeersch
    - answer song to 'my funny valentine' (rodgers & hart)

I just love these kind of projects. This is fun. This is great music (written by a bunch of fine musicians), performed by my favourite big band.

Highly recommended !!

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