Friday, November 27, 2009


Mike Keneally says:

Oh, hi! It's me, Mike, and I'm hearing a marching band version of "Cars" by Gary Numan as a Ronald McDonald balloon is being displayed. I think the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade may be the most absurd thing shown on TV all year - maybe that's why I still can't quite get enough of it.

A Decade of Nonkertompf

Hey, Yo Gabba Gabba just showed up on the Macy's Parade, and we all know what that means. Happy Nonkertompf 10th Anniversary! To help you celebrate, we're knocking the price of the Nonkertompf CD down to ten bucks for the rest of 2009! Buy as many as you like, we won't mind!

Dethklok Tour

The Dethklok/Mastodon/Converge/High on Fire 2009 tour is now a series of sweet memories. Quite possibly the most glorious touring experience I've personally, um, experienced. It was miraculous to get to the end of 40 gigs with arguably more energy than I had at the beginning of the tour. Thank you everyone who was a part of it. A lot of friendships formed, including some that will result in some interesting, possibly unexpected collaborations in the future - stay tuned.

Scambot 1 News & Scambot Holiday Special Sale

Man! Response to Scambot 1 has been immensely rewarding. In particular I've been grateful that people are responding strongly to the time spent crafting the sheer sound of the thing. Y'all rule for understanding what we were up to there.

Maybe you're craving a little more Scambot? Maybe you didn't download The Scambot Holiday Special when it came out late last year? Maybe we ought to knock the cost of the Holiday Special download to a mere $2.50 for the rest of the year! Don't miss the chance to invite the songs "Holiday Face" and "Salve-Dependent Scorpions" into your life - and learn a bit about the Owl of Holiday Hope in the bargain. And when I say "bargain," I mean $2.50.

You haven't gotten Scambot 1 yet? Don't you want to know what all the cool kids are talking about? Check it out! Perhaps you'd enjoy a free download of the song "Tomorrow," here.

Be a Part of January's MyKeneally Tour

Our late January My Keneally tour plans are proceeding apace - Bryan Beller and I will be taking to the road again, playing wherever you, our dedicated pal, would like us to. We would love to line up gigs in the Pacific Northwest of the US, and around Vancouver - write to us at if you would like to bring us to these areas for a day of music you won't soon forget - you can help us decide what to play, and full-on have us play in your living room if you like - seriously, we love living rooms.


Dec. 5 I'll be returing to Brick by Brick in San Diego for another headlong run at a bunch of Cream covers with Kofi Baker and Robbie Pagliari, with OHM featuring Chris Poland also on the bill.

Jan. 2 I'll be teaming up with Marcelo Radulovich and many others for the inaugural San Diego Experimental Guitar Show -- only guitars, all night long! It's at the Soda Bar on El Cajon Blvd., details here -- I only just signed on for this today, that's why I'm not listed on this page yet.

Jan. 6 I'll be teaming up with Rick Musallam and Matt Resnicoff at the Baked Potato for some trio guitar action (Rick M. is hosting all Wednesdays in January at the Baked Potato, so this is his gig - come on in and support Mr. Musallam!).
And on Saturday, Jan. 9, I'll be returning to the Baked Potato with a very different sort of Mike Keneally Band - myself, Rick Musallam on bass, and from Dethklok - Brendon Small on guitar and Gene Hoglan on drums. The repertoire is not what you might expect. Special guests might arrive. More details on this essential event coming soon.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, thank you for reading this! See you soon!



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