Saturday, December 8, 2018


Steppe-Scape (Stars of Eurasia) is a unique collaboration between most interesting and widely known in the West artists from Central Asia and Siberia, such as Namgar (Namgar Project, Buryat Republic), Radik Tyulyush (Huun Huur Tu, Chalama, Republic of Tuva), Angela Manukyan (Volga, Moscow), and guitarist, composer, and electronica artist Markus Reuter (Crimson ProjeCKt, Stick Men, centrozoon, Namgar Project), one of the most talented European artists today. The band’s sound benefits enormously from a soloist Robert Yuldashev (Bashkiria), a renowned master of the traditional flute, kurai; drummer-extraordinaire Merlin Ettore (Canada) and bassist and chanza player Eugene Zolotarev form the hypnotic rhythm section.

The musicians of Steppe-Scape summon shamanic energies of their ancestors, opening infinite spaces of steppes, dense forests, and mountains reaching out to the sky. The music of Steppe-Scape is a ritual that enchants its listeners and transports them to the far-away ancient horizons where forces of Cosmos and spirits of Nature meet. Steppe-Scape (Stars of Eurasia) is a vibrant meeting of the millennia-old traditions of the Great Steppe with the cutting-edge music of tomorrow.

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