Sunday, June 24, 2018


Two years ago, the Belgian Negocito record label released two trio concerts by artist, painter, sculptor, double bass player Paul Van Gysegem.
Actually, it was one album that consisted of one CD (Paola Bartoletti, Bart Maris and Paul Van Gysegem) and one DVD (video recording with Giovanni Barcella, Eric Vermeulen and Paul Van Gysegem). Two beautiful concerts in one package.

Last year, Negocito Records added another fine release to Paul Van Gysegem's discography.
This time, the ensemble is made up of percussionist Chris Joris, trumpet player Patrick De Groote and Paul Van Gysegem on double bass.
All three musicians are well-known in the Belgian free jazz / improvised music scene. Paul De Groote even played with Paul Van Gysegem on his "Aorta" album in 1971 !!

For "Boundless", the trio got together for three separate days. One in November 2015, one in May 2016 and one in August 2016.
The result is an impressive, energetic album on which the musicians explore and communicate. Boundless, if I may say so.

Recommended listening.

Available on Bandcamp, but also on CD.
Out on Negocito Records.

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