Saturday, June 9, 2018


Here's the data for Shadowgraphic City's first and only album. An occasional project from 2003.

Carol Van Dyk sings and plays the guitar for Bettie Serveert, a Dutch indie rock band. She's also part of Chitlin' Fooks, a duo in which the other part is made up of Pascal Deweze.
Pascal Deweze plays the guitar in Metal Molly and Sukilove and participates in various projects by Mauro Pawlowski.
Mauro Pawlowski should need not introduction, but he was part of the Evil Superstars and played with dEUS.
Team up Carol Van Dyk, Pascal Deweze and Mauro Pawlowski and you get Shadowgraphic City.

Here's two third of Shadowgraphic City, in Chitlin' Fooks

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