Saturday, June 16, 2018


Morgan says:

This music was recorded during the making of Carl Kings documentary movie Conundrum. I was fortunate to have some great people coming down to Bell Sound Studio in Hollywood to join two days of open jam sessions and also sharing some fermented herring! The herring was the only critic moment of these two days. The rest was just great fun. Short snippets of the music can be heard and seen in the Conundrum movie, but much more was recorded. I kept all the pro tools sessions on a hard drive and opened them up recently and decided to bounce down a few sections. The musicians that took part in this was DAEDELUS (electronic mastermind and Ninja Tune/Brainfeeder/Warp records artist). JANEK GWIZDALA (bassist ace that has been heard with Wayne Krantz, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Marcus Miller and more) TOSIN ABASSI of Animals As Leaders also came down to join our adventure but this session is not mixed and ready yet. Will return to that later. Anyways, what you will hear on these three tracks is me together with Daedelus and Janek. A long open jam session straight down to "tape" without any overdubs. I did however edit some sections and added just a few sounds and a tribe man and his wise words on top of our recording. As Daedelus responded when I sent him my mixes "What a wonderful mess of everything".

Mixing experimental electronic sounds with a powerful bass and ditto drums.
Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

Available on Bandcamp.

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